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Current Switch 4-20mA Amp Probe Explosion Proof I-Level
This split core current sensing switch monitors motor current (amperage) in the conductor passing through it. The sensor has a fixed trip point at 150 mA AC max (200 mA for 50 Hz).

Eliminates the expertise needed to correctly wire-in to a motor control circuit by merely inserting the probe onto a "hot" leg of the motor and then wiring to any OmniSite RTU input.

This current switch can be used with any OmniSite unit to indicate "positive proof" when a motor is running or stopped.

The OmniSite Amp Probe will monitor AC motor amperage from 0-50, 0-100, or 0-200 amperes. The sensor outputs a 2-wire, 4-20mA signal. The sensors are a solid-core, where the conductor runs through the sensor. Amp probes are not needed to calculate pump on/off cycles and runtime, but are recommended to display pump amperage. Works only with the Crystal Ball product. Please call into our sales department, 317-885-6330 ext.4, with any questions.
The I-Level from OmniSite is a next generation level transmitter for measuring water levels in sewage pumping stations, wells, and tanks. It's all stainless-steel design incorporates a highly clog resistant diaphragm protected by heavy-duty stainless steel weight. The explosion proof design is ideal for areas that have the potential for the build-up of explosive gases. The 0-20ft. factory calibrated range of the I-Level is optimized for use with the OmniSite Crystal Ball product in a lift station application, however it can be used in any application that accepts a 4-20mA output signal.