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The new OmniBeacon, by Omnisite, is a second generation product, which
is the successor to the Omnisite SmarteLight. When the OmniBeacon
detects an alarm condition, an alarm signal is immediately bounced to
the Omnisite GuardDog website, and notifications can happen via text,
email or voice simulated phone call to any phone number, and any number
of recipients. All alarm activity of the OmniBeacon is continually
recorded on your private, secure GuardDog website. This feature rich
cellular transmitting alarm beacon is unique in the marketplace. The
OmniBeacon is a two channel alarm device with the primary alarm channel
#1 as a universal digital input channel which will accept an alarm
signal between 12VAC/VDC to 120 VAC/VDC.  Alarm channel #2 accepts a
dry, unpowered contact input only. Alarm channel #1 and #2 are wired in
parallel with the onboard LED light cluster and alarm siren for both
local and remote annunciation.
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